Le Prince de Gotham

Quand le Prince de Bel Air de Will Smith rencontre le Joker de Heath Ledger, ça donne ceci:

Les paroles contiennent quelques petites perles. Comme elles figurent sur la page originale, je me permet de les reprendre pour votre plaisir.

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I liked to take a minute
Just sit there son
I’ll tell you how I became the menacing Joker of Gotham.

Well no idea where I was born or raised
An Asylum was where I spent most of my days
Spazzin’ Out, Schitzin, Laughin’ all cool
And all digging my way out with a stolen tool
When a couple of guards
Caught me out of my bed
I stabbed them in the face and now they’re kinda dead
Broke out of Arkham and Gothum’s where I went,
They found nothing in my pockets except knives and lint,

Evening Commissioner

I just wanna be the guy who’s fun and feared,
And if I may say, I really dig the beard
Everyone points and call me delirious,
But I just laugh and ask, “Why so serious?”

Well I broke out some cell-mates, and set them free
And told them they were all just freaks like me
If they wanna destroy gothum, theres just one plan,
It’s obvious the only way is: kill the batman

I destroyed half of Gothum by two or three,
And I yelled to the batman, “Come on, hit me”
Looked at Gothum, as it all laid in waste,
Come on, batman, Lets put a smile on that face.

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